LovCoin - Proof of Love

ERC20 Token - Love, luck, peace, joy and happiness!

Contract-address: (TLA: LOV)

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Vision of LovCoin

LovCoin (LOV) is an ERC20-token (Utility Token) for a Dapps ecosystem for virtual gifts, coupons, greeting cards, declarations of love and gratefulness. We believe that the indestructible blockchain-technology will also play a central role in the interpersonal relationship in the future - feelings of affection, gratitude and love. LovCoin is committed to this vision. Please contact us in case of questions (info@lovco.in). Love, luck, peace, joy and happiness!


Symbol: Love
TLA (3-letter acronym): LOV
Decimals: 18
Total token supply:


We make no promises, no secured assurances, no firm guarantees. Lovcoin is in a very early stage of development. An investment in cryptocurrencies and token can lead to the loss of your investments! Planned topics from Lovecoin are still in the experimental stage. Many questions about the regulation and legal situation are still pending. A whitepaper with more details is in process.

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